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Tasty Soup (tasty soup) is a mysterious ARG YouTube video that cannot be accessed as of its release date. It was deleted on the same day as it was uploaded, and can only be visible through this link:

Since it only has one view, it can only be assumed that the video was deleted shortly after it was uploaded. Since the page in the link cannot access the video, it is unknown what is contained in the video.

This picture, however, is probably the only part of the video left, and we can assume it has nothing to do with soup. Because of this, the title may in fact be some sort of tool to insert unrelated YouTube videos into the "related" section.

However, word is that the 1 viewer of the video has the video downloaded onto their computer. It is also said that the Seeker's eye in the video blinks repetitively from the beginning to the end of the video.

Nobody knows for sure what this video is, and it might be a long time until people find out.